Financial support. 

We are able to provide grants to help the bereaved purchase items or services which may be of help as they journey through the emotional and financial difficulties experienced after a suicide. We welcome applications throughout Devon and Cornwall and we particularly want to assist families in most need where they are unable to meet the costs themselves. For referrals please contact

Need financial support for unexpected costs?

We will consider purchasing items such as white goods (washing machines, cookers, dryers, refrigerators and such like) or brown goods (sofas, beds, tables, furnishings). We will also consider other goods which are not listed but where there is a recognisable and credible reason this would be beneficial to the family. We are passionate about the flexibility of this service in order that the money goes to where it will make the biggest difference. Some examples of good we have purchased previously are:

    • Mindfulness sessions
    • Memorial Bench
    • Vets Bills
    • Taxi to Inquest
    • Leisure activities where these could be considered both therapeutic and beneficial to the family.
    • Home Fuel Costs