Surviving Suicide

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We are here for you if you've been impacted by suicide


Pete's Dragons has a passion for making sure those impacted by suicide are supported. The Dragons are a team that have experienced the aftermath first-hand and worked together to ensure that all those impacted by suicide in Devon and North Somerset have access to timely and appropriate support.


We are honest, brave, vibrant and a little bit sweary... so we will come straight out and say it - losing someone to suicide is just so totally devastating and exhaustingly shit. We know, we've been there. We know that as families, partners, friends and colleagues adapt to the world without their loved one, we can help in a number of practical and meaningful ways, such as: practical advice, emotional support, peer support, talking & holistic therapies, activities & events, grief courses and counselling. We also know that psychological and therapeutic support must be timely, appropriate and carried out by professionals and we work hard to ensure we have a range of quality therapists and specialists within our team to provide their support.


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We help people understand how they can contribute to preventing suicide


Our overarching aim at Pete’s Dragons is to put ourselves out of business, we don’t want to be supporting people after a suicide because we don’t want suicides to occur in the first place.

Our contribution to this aim is our highly skilled and experienced training and consultancy department which offers workshops and courses in all aspects of suicide postvention (bereavement), intervention and prevention as well as wellbeing and mental health maintenance.

As with our postvention support our training and consultancy offering is completely bespoke and can be tailored for individual/organisational need.