A few ideas...

We will guide you through setting up a Just Giving page. But below are lots of fundraising ideas which we have found hugely useful. If you decide to challenge yourself with this incredible experience we will be right behind you wanting to hear about all of your fundraising, both the highs and the lows and will offer as much support as possible throughout.

Nigel at Intrepid Expeditions will give you lots of support and information regarding kit (which actually, believe it or not, many people already have in their cupboards) and this will all be explained at the training weekend.

Can you get the local media behind you? Radio or TV. If you can, your profile is taken to another level and you will find it invaluable when you doing fundraising activities in the run up to your challenge. It will also help you massively if you are approaching local businesses for auction/raffle prizes as you are cheap local PR! 

The fundraising can be almost as challenging as the trip! Get your creative juices flowing and come up with innovative ways to raise the funds. Don't forget, keep the "fun" in fundraising!!!

Below are some ideas which have been very much tried and tested by us!

  • Just Giving - A page & sponsor forms! Email us for help setting this up

  • We will allocate you a Text Donate number

  • Matched Giving - Find out from your employer if they are willing to match your efforts. We will promote them on our Social Media... evryone loves a bit of CSR!!

  • Cake Sale - Coffee mornings, market stalls, boot sales... get baking and get selling!

  • Boot Sales - Turn that clutter in to fundraising money! Your junk is someone else's treasure

  • Bingo Night - with some posters and social media promotion form us, how many people can you gather in your local Town Hall, Pub, Sport Club??? 

  • Auction - Can you hold an auction at an event? Businesses are always willing to put forward seomething small if they get advertising out of it, what about auctioning off your friends with a talent? E.g. Hairdressers, Cleaners who will donate their time to help you out?

  • Hair Removal - Always fun! Sell off wax strips and get your hairy friends involved - people LOVE buying the chance to de-fuzz someone in front of an audience!

  • Themed Dinner Party - Whether it is Come Dine With Me or a seasonal party, get your friends around and put a fundraising bucket on the table

  • Restaurants - Ask local businesses if they would be willing to donate a percentage of the takings to your fundraising if you bring in as many people as you can. Be sure to get photos and notify us so we can promote the business on our Social Media

  • Street/Garden party - get the community involved! Get some cheap bunting, make some pimm and a few nibbles, get a party CD and see how much money you can raise!

  • Kareoke Night - Hold your own mini Eurovision Song Content, charge for entry and sit back and watch the magic happen

  • Baby Photo Competition - ask your friends/colleagues to provide a photo of themselves as a baby, scan them, circulate them - people pay to guess and whoever gets the most right wins a bottle of prosecco!

  • Sports Based Event - Darts, Football, Golf - charge an entry fee, create a tournament and throw some obstacles in to make it fun

  • Penny Bottle/Swear Jar - put a bottle somewhere at work for people to put spare change in, or a swear jar - watch the pennies grow!

  • Challenges - how many can you take on between now and February 2018? Bike rides, walks, fancy dress, Tough Mudder etc, get sponsored each time you do one and watch the money roll in

  • £5 in to £50 - how creative are your friends? Give each one £5 and run a competition to see who can increase it the most... give a prize to the one that raised the most!

  • Pub Quiz Night - ask your local if they will hold one and put up a free meal for the winning team, in return you will promote them through us

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Busking

  • Sell yourself! Babysitter, Dogwalker, plant waterer, dish washer? Possibilities are endless!

  • Exercisathon - great fun, keeps you fit and raises cash

  • Girls Night In - theme it! Glitz & Glamour, Ballgowns & Wellies

  • Give something up - alcohol, weight, chocolate etc and get sponsored for doing so

  • Raffle - get your haggle on and bag some prizes free from local businesses in exchange for promotion, raffle it off and watch your fundraising efforts grow!

  • Pamper Party - do you know an Avon rep? Ann Summers? Get them to host an evening with proceeds going to your fundraising

  • Clothes Swap - get your friends to clear out their wardrobe of things they don't wear, for every item they bring give them a token, if they buy smething they get it for £1, if they bought nothing and just want to shop, charge them £2 per item! A good way to bag that item you've always liked of your friends, declutter and raise cash!

  • Car Wash - get your friends involved and charge for each car!