PD Bears

Welcome to our ever growing stable of PD Bears. All with their own names and personalities our bears come with huge responsibilities. They are our little mascots and can be found travelling all around the world, popping up in the most fun and interesting places.

Their aim is simple – to spread the PD message of what we do and how important it is to talk about suicide and it’s devastating effects. Only through talking will we see the stigma subside and the suicide rates drop as people feel able to talk about how they feel inside.

Each year our bears aim to visit as many shops, restaurants, theme parks, moutains, counties and countries as possible, photographing, facebooking and twittering as they go. You can keep an eye on their latest antics and annual mileage by finding their photo album on our Facebook page.

PD Bears montage

Should you ever be fortunate enough to see a PD bear, don’t be shy, come and say hello and grab yourself a selfie…..!