A big THANK YOU! to our business supporters! 

We are so proud and touched to receive support from local business through Devon and Cornwall. Not only have our sponsor businesses donated money - but they have also given up time to attend our events and provided expertise and services, without which we would not be where we are today.

So, we want to say a massive Dragon Thank You and give huge Dragon Hugs to all of the people and businesses that have demonstrated ridonkulous amounts of Dragon Power over the last few years. You are all LEGENDS!

If you are looking to promote your business and help out the dragons - send us an email and we will be in touch!

LEFT SPEECHLESS by Argus Media who donated £1,900 to us after an employee nomination! Thank you! 

STANDING PROUD is Smart Build Supplies of Ottery St Mary for supplying the fence panels for our back garden at HQ. You legends! 

GLASSES RAISED to the Bayleaf Cafe who raised a fantastic £128.50 from their cocktail night and Flaming Dragon cocktails! 


BIG UPS to the team at Persimmon Homes for donating £1000 toward our Suicide Support Service! 

A big YOU ROCK! to St James Place who donated £1098 for our holiday home sofa!



WHOOP WHOOP to the Devon Community Foundation who donated £2999.99 to set up our therapy room! 

LEFT SPEECHLESS by the incredible Community Action Team at Alcoa Howmet in Exeter... there are no words that could express how thankful we are for the inspiring donations you have made... over £4000. Your are changing lives you special, special people! 




SHOUT OUT to Market Carpets for discounting the carpets for our Holiday Home! 

ROUND OF APPLAUSE to Build Base for providing the building materials for our Holiday Home renovation at cost price! 



SALUTES to Exmouth Hospital for the £220 raised through their Waiting Room Book Sale! 

CHEERS to Recovery Devon Development Fund for donating £750 for our information packs for bereaved families! 



DRAGON HUGS to Bay FM for the continuous support and airtime and letting us take over your studio! 

BOW DOWN to The Exmouth Journal for all of the column inches you have given us and your amazing write ups! 



RESPECT to the Cornish & Devon for your much valued publicity of our work in Cornwall! 

ROCK ON to The Exeter Express & Echo for helping us raise awareness and getting people talking about suicide! 




BIG SMILES to Wilsons Paints for donating litre upon litre upon litre of paint so we could spruce up our holiday home! 

YOU ARE AWESOME to Phil Cook for donating his skills and time to fit the fire doors in our holiday home! 




ENDLESS GRATITUDE to Doodlebug for your creative perfection and helping us bring our charity brand to life! 

HIGH FIVE to Galaxy Hot Chocolate for choosing us to receive £300 which we used for furniture for our Holiday Home! 




SCORING HIGH ON THE KIND-O-METER is David Wells who so generously is donating the royalties from his book to the Dragons. You Sir, are awesome! 

The Dragons are DOING A HAPPY DANCE because the Eden Project have kindly donated tickets for families that stay in our holiday home so they can enjoy a day out. Thank you! 




Tower Street Methodist Church MADE OUR DAY by raising £178 with scrummy lunches! 

MASSIVE THANKS TO THE SUPERHEROS at the Victim Care Unit in Exeter for raising money with a cake sale and supporting our Bereavement Service! 




We are SOARING WITH GRATITUDE due to The Norman TRUST who donated £500 so we could buy furniture for our Holiday Home! 

FIST BUMPS to the Vision ICT team for providing our website and emails, taking part in our fundraisers and for your on-going support - you are awesome people!